A Love Letter to Mountain Biking

As a true bicycle enthusiast, you create many memories and go on some great adventures while riding your bicycle. Miles and hours spent alone or with friends while exploring your corner of the world make for a great and memorable time. Some rides may push you past exhaustion, while others are more of a sight seeing cruise. When you love to ride your bicycle, you’ll brave any weather condition to log that cruise in. When the sizzling summer heat has most people enjoying the air-conditioned indoors, we are out cruising pavement. When the frosty winter temperatures discourage many from braving the outdoors, we bundle up, hop on that bike and push the limits. However, we live for those perfect warm sunny days where there isn’t any other choice but to ride. Biking has become a much-loved hobby by many. Not only is biking enjoyable, but it is also a positive influence on many aspects of your life. The bike takes you to places you may not have adventured otherwise. Biking teaches you endurance, to keep trying and to never give up.

bicycle with sunset

When you thinking of mountain biking, it may seem a bit crazy. A two-wheeled machine is powered by a human motor that’s riding up and down mountains, or deserts. The whole process of biking is quite impressive when you consider the physics involved. Maintaining your balance while maneuvering the machine over all sorts of variances of terrain is a remarkable feat. It goes beyond riding a simple machine around the dirt. It can become a dance with gravity, a courtship with momentum, a flirtation with speed…and to that I bode my love letter to mountain biking. Hopefully, my love for mountain biking has climbed off this page and into your heart inspiring you to get out and experience the glory of biking yourself.

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