Answering 5 Common Questions About Cycling

Should I really wear those padded shorts?

Shorts with chamois can make your cycling adventures far more comfortable, even if they may take some time to get used to. In fact, this can’t be understated – well-fitted padding shorts are something you can easily get addicted to as an avid cyclist.

When you’re hitting our beautiful St. George bike trails, these shorts can feel like a god-send.

Will I Need More Than 1 Bottle Cage?

If your ride is going to be longer than 90 minutes, we highly recommend it – especially if you’re riding in hot weather. You need to stay as hydrated as possible. You’d be surprised how quickly you can wear down, especially if you’re doing a lot of sweating.

Some of our local St. George bike trails make bringing an extra bottle cage and bottle of water an absolute necessity.

How Often Should I Be Cycling To Stay Fit & Healthy?

 St. George bike trailsThe easy answer is – “as often as possible”. But that’s pretty vague. In general, regular short rides are going to do more for your health and fitness in the long run than saving the weekends for one long ride.

You can start to lose your fitness in as little as three to four days without exercise. 

So, a good rule of thumb is to try and get a ride in about 3 to 5 times per week. You need days off to recuperate, but you also need to keep your momentum going and to improve your endurance.

Fortunately, there are plenty of St. George bike trails that are just the right length for these regular short-to-medium rides.

Miles Vs. Hours – How Should I Calculate My Rides?

Since speed isn’t always an indicator of the amount of energy you expend on a ride, it’s better to track your rides based on time. There are plenty of St. George bike trails that aren’t necessarily long, but offer plenty of challenging terrain, hills, and so on. There are also wind conditions to take into consideration.

How Will I Know When My Fitness Is Improving?

St. George bike trailsThere are plenty of things that can indicate that your cycling is paying off. You can time yourself on a particular route and then time yourself again in a month – if you’re completing the ride faster, you’re most likely getting fitter. Along the same lines, if you are finding routes that used to be serious challenges suddenly becoming easier, that’s another indicator.

Of course, there is also the subjective feeling of fitness that you will notice – you should feel more energy throughout the day, an easiness in your chest and limbs where there once was tension; you’ll just feel better in general.

Also, consider how you feel during your rides. Are you struggling less? Is that burn in your legs starting to get less intense? Are you panting or sweating less? If the answer to these questions is yes, that’s a very good indicator that your hard work is paying off.

With our bike rentals and sales and all of the beautiful St. George bike trails around, getting fit has never been so much fun. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start riding!

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