Bike Trails In St. George – Easy, Moderate, & Difficult

Bike Trails In St. George - Easy, Moderate, & Difficult

Beginner Trails

Bear Claw Poppy

This is one of those St. George bike trails that not only attracts a lot of beginner cyclists, but also has the experts coming back to it time and time again. The reason for this is that many areas are easy/easy-moderate, while the top of the trail is rated easy-difficult.

It’s a dynamic trail, and this makes it a great opportunity for an experienced rider to ride with a beginner and show them the ropes.

Pioneer Rim

This is a quick ride with plenty of slickrock. It also goes right over the famous “Crack in the Rock” near Dixie Rock. 

If you’re a beginner or have kids who want to start cycling, this is a great bike trail in St. George to get them started on.

Pushing Tin

Located between St. George Airport and the Arizona Strip, this trail is great for families and young kids. 

Pushing Tin offers beautiful, sweeping views of the desert. The loop you’ll find in the second half is also a lot of fun.

Moderate Trails


A short but fun singletrack located in the Santa Clara Preserve – this trail forks off the Barrel Roll trail and is shaped like a lariat with a little loop at the summit.

The trail is aptly named as its shape resembles a zigzag much like the body of a snake. Winding between the north and south sides of Mesa, you’ll see beautiful views of the red cliffs near to Snow Canyon as well as glimpses of Black Hill and Green Valley. Once you reach the south rim, you’ll see the mesas and badlands of the Stucki Springs area.

Barrel Roll

Located in the Santa Clara River Preserve just west of Santa Clara, this trail has a lot of ups and downs.

Not too difficult, close to civilization, and with plenty of nice views – this is a trail you’re sure to love.

J.E.M. Trail

Experienced cyclists will find this St. George bike trail to be fast and easy, with plenty of great views. The climbs aren’t too difficult, and the downhill ride is fast and flowy.

This is typically seen as an “out-and-back” trail, however, if you combine it with Goulds Rim or the Hurricane Rim, you can make loops of over 20 miles.

Difficult Trails

Gooseberry Mesa

This is one of the most popular bike trails in St. George; it isn’t uncommon to meet people from all over the world while cycling through it. 

While it’s a difficult trail with twisty singletrack, rolling slickrock, and absolutely gorgeous vistas, it doesn’t present many surprises. There are areas that you can simply walk if you aren’t comfortable riding through them.

There are also plenty of beautiful camping spots in and around Gooseberry Mesa.

Suicidal Tendencies

This trail begins at the top of the Sidewinder trail with an immediate drop down a steep slope containing plenty of exposed switchbacks.

Once you’ve made your way down the edge of Sidewinder, this ride will take you across the valley floor to an ascension leading up to the next mesa – this part is roughly as technical as the ride down.

At the top, after you’ve passed Hangover – a large rock hanging over the trail – you’ll reach another technical area nicknamed “Thread the Needle” (so-named because you need to thread your way between rocks laying on each trail side. 

After that, you will have reached the top. From there, it’s pretty smooth sailing as you reach the beautiful views of the Beaver Dam Mountains to your west. 

As you continue, you’ll make another descent through Juniper trees and some slickrock sections here and there – this will complete a loop back to the top of Thread the Needle, where you’ll begin riding the first part of the trail in reverse.

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