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Red Hill (City Creek-Rusty Cliffs Trail)

Beginning on Turtle Road above the red cliffs north of St. George, the City Creek trail offers some rocky options before it drops down and crosses the road, to become the Rusty Cliffs Trail. The combined trail makes a 6-mile (each way) out-and-back with about 300 vertical feet of climbing. Most of the trail is intermediate technical, with an advanced technical optional side loop on City Creek.

The trail begins at the top of Turtle Road, above the red cliffs north of St. George. The trail begins across from the parking area. When you hit an open area, the official trail continues straight. But if you head left, up the broad set of step-like rocky ledges, you’ll find a fun alternate route. The trail will turn northwest. Right when it begins to veer back southwest again, watch carefully for a singletrack that climbs up and over the small ridge. This advanced-tech trail will take you back to the main City Creek trail.

The trail will head towards the road, going north around the small canyon that begins at the golf course. From here, it heads back southwest and over the hill to the road. After crossing the road, the broad Rusty Cliffs trail should be easy to follow. This trail was an old pioneer road.

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