Some Of The Best Bike Trails In St. George

Enjoy the beautiful scenery that Zion Canyon Scenic Trail has to offer on your next mountain biking adventure.

For more trails in detail, visit our Rides page with information on Halfway Wash Trail, Lava Flow Trail, Sand Hollow and more!

Quail Creek Loop – 27.7mi

One of St. George bike paths with light traffic, Quail Creek offers quiet neighborhoods and long country roads with scenic views of the Pine Valley Mountains, Confluence Park canyon, and various areas of Zion.

Veyo Loop – 43.5mi

Veyo Loop is a great bike path in St. George if you’re looking for something easy-moderate that will still afford you a lot of fun, as well as some amazing scenery as you make your way through inactive cinder cones and past canyons, lakes, and lava rocks on this prehistoric loop ride.

Snow Canyon State Park – 5.2mi

Snow Canyon can be a challenging adventure. Push your endurance along the beautiful red and white sandstone, take in the view of the steep hills, sand dunes, and black lava rock. It’s truly a sight to behold.

Utah Hill – 15mi

If you’re looking for a St. George bike path that will push your endurance to the limit, Utah Hill is the path for you. Enjoy the beautiful foothills that wind across Utah’s western border and, after you’ve challenged yourself to make your way to the top, your reward will be the thrill of coasting down through the beautiful scenery to the trail head of this out-and-back route.

Red Hills Parkway – 8.3mi

A mostly paved route, Red Hills Parkway guides you along the surface of cliffs that surround St. George’s northern section. This is a great way of seeing the beauty that St. George’s red rock formations have to offer. Great for those who are looking for paved trails.

Washington Fields – 13.3mi

If you’re looking to soak in some open country roads and familiarize yourself with quaint small neighborhoods and farms, this is the St. George bike trail for you. You won’t have to worry about too much traffic on Washington Fields; it’s a great trail if you just need a calm, peaceful ride to clear your mind and find some inner peace.

Kolob Reservoir – 23.70mi

If you want a little adrenaline in your day, this is the St. George bike path for you – with drops in elevation that can propel you to incredible speeds, Kolob Reservoir is located in a high mountain meadow rife with beautiful aspen and pine trees.

You can expect tight turns down steep areas, all while surrounded by monoliths of red rocks.

Santa Clara-Ivins – 4.4mi

Santa Clara is a beautiful little town and you’ll be able to enjoy it on Santa Clara-Ivins route. Enjoy the shade of the tall trees and quant scenery that will transport you back to the 1950’s on this short trail.

Southern Parkway – 18.6mi

There’s a reason this is one of the most popular St. George biking routes – a combination of light traffic and wide shoulders gives you the opportunity to take in the rolling hills and peaceful valley in this area. Southern Parkway also connects with Washington Fields and Sand Hollow if you’re in the mood to extend your ride.

Telegraph – 6.3mi

This St. George bike trail connects Washington and Hurricane and branches out into a variety of popular routes. In fact, you can use Telegraph to ride all the way to Zion National Park.

Sand Hollow – 21.9mi

Observe the emerald lake beside rocky bluffs and sand dunes on this desert trail. Some areas of Sand Hollow will gently sweep you up and allow you to see out for at least 30 miles!

Zion Connector – 6.6mi

This one’s more of a challenge, but for those of you who are up to the challenge, it’s quite the rewarding bike trail in St. George. Zion Connector zigzags up a butte to eventually reach the small town called Virgin.

Zion Connector, as the name implies, is a connector route getting you from La Verkin and into Zion Canyon or Kolob Terrace.

SunRiver – 27.8mi

Beginning at Snow Canyon Parkway and extending downward to SunRiver, a beautiful retirement community, you’ll see various aspects of the town, including the river, wooded parks, and some areas of stunning open desert.

Virgin River – 14mi

Striking views of the river are not the only thing that you can find on this trail. Connections to nearby residences, public facilities and commercial visitor center will also be available for those who need them most! Learn more here.

Zion Canyon Scenic Trail – 22.00 mi

If you’re ready to bike up to Zion National Park’s main canyon, this is an experience you’ll never forget. There won’t be much traffic to worry about either, as only shuttles are allowed to drive up these roads for a small portion of the year.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery that Zion Canyon Scenic Trail has to offer on your next mountain biking adventure.

For more trails in detail, visit our Rides page with information on Halfway Wash Trail, Lava Flow Trail, Sand Hollow and more!

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