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Biking is not only a great hobby to have but an amazing way to exercise. There are so many different levels of biking anyone in the family can participate. It’s also a great excuse to get up and get outdoors. If you get really serious about cycling, you could ride competitively. With the many benefits of taking up biking, you would be a crazy not to. Look no further than your local bike shop in St. George, Utah to get you cruising in no time.

Picking the Right Bike for You

Having a bike that fits you and your style of biking is important to a pleasant experience. If the bike is too big, or too small, it can be uncomfortable to ride. Your height determines what tire size you should go for on your bicycle. Also, many bikes come with adjustable seats that you can adjust the height on to make your ride more comfortable. Plus, it’s important to be able to put your feet on the ground! If you are unsure of what size is right for you, swing your leg on over and give the bicycle a try. Ask one of the knowledgeable associates at your bike shop in St. George to help you select the right fit for you.

sunset with bicycle

Where you intend on riding your bike also makes a big difference on what kind of bicycle you should buy. There are different kinds of bikes designed specifically for different riding platforms. If you are looking for a daily commuter or a cruising bicycle, you want to look at city bicycles. City bicycles are designed for frequent yet shorter rides. They are meant to be ridden on relatively flat and smooth surfaces such as city roads. If you are looking more for rough and rugged terrain riding, you want to look into mountain bicycles. These bicycles are built to withstand the rough ride more so than a city bike would be. The shocks are much heftier and sturdier to accommodate for the frequent changes in terrain. The tires are also wider to handle the rough ride. Now if you are more of a serious cyclist and are in the world of bicycles for sport, the road bicycle is for you. Often times it is referenced to as a racing bicycle. These light weight, skinny tire bicycles are perfect for speed. So, what if you want to do a bit of all three you ask? There is a bicycle made just for that and it’s dubbed the hybrid bicycle. The hybrid bicycle takes bits and pieces from all three bicycle styles to create the perfect general all-purpose bicycle. It can handle a range of riding conditions and terrains. Make sure to consult with the trusted staff at your local bike shop in St. George with any questions you may have on what style of bicycle would serve you the best.

Why You Should Consider Biking

Riding a bicycle has many benefits. Riding a bike is a lifelong skill that once you learn you won’t forget. It’s an easy skill to pick up and maintain. It is a healthy and low-impact form of exercise for all ages. Cycling has low strain and less injuries than other forms of exercise. Exercise can help fight against serious health conditions and improve others such as:

  • Improved joint mobility
  • Increased cardiovascular fitness
  • Decreased stress levels
  • Weight loss and maintenance
  • Reduced anxiety and depression
  • Improves postures
  • Fight against diabetes

It also uses a lot of your major muscle groups as you ride. Cycling can also increase your strength, stamina and aerobic fitness. Another great thing about cycling is you can increase or decrease the intensity of the cycling by using the bike gears and trying more intense trails. Not only is biking beneficial to your health, it’s beneficial for the environment, cheap and fun! One of the best parts of cycling is being in the outdoors. There are some amazing biking trails in the St. George area you don’t want to miss out. From easy cruising trails to more extreme and rugged ones, our associates at the bike shop in St. George can direct you to some great trails.

Your Local Bike Shop in St. George

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Whether you are a beginner rider or have cruised around the block a time or two, you need a bike shop you can rely on. Lucky for you Bicycles Unlimited has been around for over 30 years as the leading bike shop in St. George. We are passionate about cycling and would love to share our passion with the community. In our shop we are fully stocked for all your cycling needs. Not only can you purchase your bike here we have biking accessories as well. We well adult and juvenile bicycles including road bicycles, mountain bikes, hybrids, tandem bicycles and city bikes as well. Check out our cycling clothing along with our great selection of helmets and safety gear. We can also upgrade your bike with new and different pedals or handlebars to fully customize your bike to fit you perfectly.

If you aren’t fully committed to cycling, or you happen to be passing through St. George we offer bike rentals. You can rent a bicycle from us anywhere from 4 to 24 hours. Along with the rental is a helmet and bike repair kit just in case. Don’t forget to service your bike! Just as any other mode of transportation, bicycles can wear and tear with time. With our full-service bike tune ups, we can guarantee your bike is in tip top shape for you to ride safely. Not to mention our 30-day service warranty. Our highly knowledgeable staff would love to help you get started on your cycling journey today.

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