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Adjusting Gears
Adjusting Brakes
Check Derailleur Adjustments
Check Dropout/Derailleur Hanger Alignment
Checking the Chain
Check Bearings & Adjust
Check & torque fasteners & bolts
30 Day Warranty of Service
Cleaning of Chain, Rear Cassette & Crankset
Clean/Detail Entire Bike


This is great for a newer or well maintained bicycle. It checks your bike for safe operation and includes the following adjustments:

Shifting System- Adjust both derailleurs and checks the dropout/derailleur hanger for proper alignment. The chain is checked for stretch and wear. We include chain, derailleur and cable lubrication.

Brake Adjustment- Align the pads with the rim as needed. Cable adjusted for optimum braking power. On disc brakes, we deglaze the pads and reset the pistons as needed. We also align the caliper for proper clearance and peak performance.

Cables and housings are lubricated and there is not additional labor charge to install new tires tubes or brake and shift cables.

Wheels are stand trued and checked for proper spoke tension and alignment. We also check and adjust the Headset, Bottom Bracket and hub bearings.

On full suspension bikes we check all bolts and fasteners and torque them to the manufacturers specifications.


The major Tune-UP includes everything done in the Basic Tune-Up.

In addition, the Major Tune-Up includes removal of the chain, cassette and crankset. The components are degreased and cleaned to remove the accumulation of lubricants and other contaminants that trap dirt, moisture and accelerate wear.

We also wipe/clean your entire bicycle with a special polish that provides UV protection for your bicycle frame. We will attempt to return your bike looking as new as possible.

Cables and housings are lubricated and there is no additional labor charge to install new tires, tubes or brake and shift cables.

We provide a labor discount for other major repairs done with our Major Tune-Up, such as cleaning and re-packing bearing assemblies, brake bleeding, and suspension service.

With over 70 years of combined experience, we pride ourselves on providing the best service possible at a reasonable price. We offer a 30 day warranty on all the service we provide.