Easy—Beginner Trails


A trail complex within the Santa Clara River Preserve—many riding options—out-&-back on main trail 6.6 miles.

Bearclaw Poppy

This singletrack winds from Green Valley to Bloomington—see the famous Three Fingers Of Death & other sights—10 miles.

Bloomington Micro-Loop

Quick ride in the desert west of Bloomington—very little climbing—6 miles.

Church Rocks

Located between Washington & Quail Creek just west of I-15—mild climb—2.6 miles.

Desert Canyons

Located off the southern parkway by the Desert Canyons subdivision—2 loops—3 miles.

Dino Cliffs Trail

Sigletrack—open rock & desert—out-&-back loop ride just over 4 miles.

Pioneer Park

Located on top of the cliffs north of St. George—slickrock area—just over 1 mile.

Prospector Trail

Running along cliffs from Leeds to Washington—dirt singletrack—not much climbing—about 7 miles.

Pushing Tin

Short ride—lariat loop south of the St. George airport—mild climbing—about 5-6 miles.

Quarry Trail

Easy, short trail—extends from the St. George airport to a basalt quarry site on Black Hill—mild climbing—about 7 miles.

Secret Sauce

Located off the southern parkway near the Desert Canyones subdivision—loop trail—minimal climbing—3 miles.

Snakepit Trail

Short & sweet—connects the 2 sides of the Stucki Springs trail—various ride combinations—2.3 miles.

Snow West Canyon Trail

A light climb up West Canyon from the bottom of Snow Canyon—about 3.5 miles.

Virgin River Trail

A paved bike trail into St. George from Bloomington following the Virgin River—no climbing—about 6 miles.

Moderate—Intermediate Trails

Barrel Roll

Trail in Santa Clara River Preserve—6-mile loop—some technical areas—gentle & steady climbs.

Bluff Street Cliffs

AKA Owen's Trail—slickrock singletrack ride on north edge of St. George—climbs along the cliffs—3 miles.

City Creek—Rusty Cliffs

A popular ride from the red cliffs north of St. George to the northern border of the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve—runs along the road to Veyo—3.5 miles.

Cove Wash

A ride in the Santa Clara Preserve—shared with ATVs—connects to alternate ride options & Stucki Spring—2.7 miles.

GreenValley Race Loop

A race loop starting in the valley between the Bearclaw Poppy trailhead & Green Valley—southwest of St. George—6.7 miles.

Kentucky Lucky Chicken

Loop singletrack along embedded boulders on Webb Hill—some technical areas—3.8 miles.

Moenkopi Trail, plus La Verkin Creek

2 rides—1 up 1 down, out-&-back—connects to La Verkin Creek gorge ride—about 7 miles.

Little Purgatory

This ride has a very technical descent over rough rock—moderate climbing—6 miles.

Icehouse Trail

A mostly downhill trail beginning at the base of the Pine Valley Mountains—6 miles.

Nephi's Twist

Short doubletrack ride near La Verkin—highly technical ridge-line ride—2.5 miles.

Owens Trail

AKA Bluff Street Cliffs Trail—short singletrack—slickrock—cliffside climbing—3 miles.

Paradise Canyon

Short loop along standstone—links to other trails in Red Cliffs Desert Preserve—little climbing—5.4 miles.

Quail Creek Trail

Technical singletrack along clay badland slopes—just over 2 miles.

J.E.M. Trail

Fast trail with plenty of great views—fast & flowy downhill ride—6.7 miles.

Sand Mountain

Slickrock & sand dune combo recommended for fat-bike riders—3.5 miles.

Stucki Springs

Singletrack—rocks & rolls through the desert—south of Santa Clara—joins Bearclaw Poppy trail at Clavicle Hill—14 miles.

Suicidal Tendencies

Begins at the little loop at top of Sidewinder in Santa Clara riding area—drops through small valley to loop on top of the next mesa—technical areas with steep exposure—5.5. miles.

Sunshine Loop

Gravel road—singletrack "main event" loops right at the Arizona border southeast of St. George—33 miles.

Toquerville Falls

Dirt road to Toquerville Falls—mountain climb—12 miles.

Webb Hill

Singletrack loop among embedded boulders on Webb Hill—southeast of St. George—1.3 miles.

West Rim

ATV track to slickrock playground—recommended for fat bikes (loose surface & sand)—10.2 miles.

Zen Trail

Advanced-technical challenges—moderate climbing—6-mile loop.

Difficult—Expert Trails

Broken Mesa Rim

Technical downhill singletrack—full suspension recommended—7 miles.

Gooseberry Mesa

Twisty singletrack—rolling slickrock—beautiful vistas—

Quail Creek Overlook System

Multiple loops on sawtooth escrapment—advanced technique required—6.2 miles.

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