Electric Bicycles

Electric bicycles, or e-bikes, are a subcategory of bicycles that use rechargeable batteries to allow for assisted pedaling. These bikes can be used as alternatives to traditional bicycles for transportation and recreation.

E bikes are fitted with an electrical motor, battery pack, and charger. The electric drive system provides the necessary power to make pedelling easy, especially up hills, on longer rides, or against strong winds! No license or registration is required and no special equipment or training is needed.

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Terms to Know


How far you can go on a single charge or how long it will take for a bike’s battery to be fully charged.


The maximum speed the bike can reach when fully charged and pedals are used at the same time. Typically ranges from 20 mph to 28 mph depending on the terrain and weight of the cyclist.

Battery Type

Trek and many other e-bikes use lithium ion batteries while others may use lead acid batteries.             

Why eBikes?

Can electric bicycles go faster than regular bikes?

Yes! Technology has come along way in recent years for electric bicycles. They now have the ability to travel at speeds comparable to motorized vehicles (20-28 mph).

Can I leave the motor on when I'm not riding it?

Yes, you can! Most of our electric bicycles have 48 volt batteries. The wattage varies depending upon battery size and brand, but typically average around 500 watts. If you choose to leave the battery on your bicycle charged at all times, remember to monitor its charge-level—if it drops too low the bike will shut off automatically (this is called "deep cycling" and should be avoided).

Why would I purchase an e-bike instead of just using my regular pedal bike?

The simple answer—it's more fun and saves you time! E-bikes are excellent for commuting to work, running errands around town, riding with friends, exercising, sightseeing, going on new adventures, and beyond that, they just look and feel really cool!

Where can I ride an electric bike?

Most states—including Utah—do not currently have laws regulating electric bicycle use, so they may legally be ridden anywhere you can legally ride a conventional bicycle. They're great for saving gas money by using them for daily commutes, as well as off-road cycling adventures on any of our local bike trails.

Why should I consider renting an electric bicycle?

Renting an e-bike allows you to try out a new method of transportation without making a long-term commitment to purchasing one. If you like, you can buy it! Electric bicycles are growing in popularity due to their affordability, efficiency (with technological improvements that are only getting better as time goes by), and their practical abilities. If you want to take a ride along one our our local bike trails, consider renting an electric bicycle just for the experience!

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Quick Facts - What are the benefits of electric bicycles?

There are many benefits to electric bicycles:

Easier travel with less effort – Riding an e-bike is less strenuous and provides motor assistance while going uphill, making for easier travel.

Less expensive than a car or motorcycle – an eBike cost significantly less than cars and motorcycles since they do not require fuel. You can save money by replacing your vehicle with an electric bicycle.

Electric bicycles are excellent for commuters who want to take advantage of their local bike trails and avoid heavy traffic during their trip.

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