No More Excuses – Get Out and Go Biking

Riding a bike has become a very popular hobby and we see more and more people participating. However, with the day to day busy lives we all live, it can be easy to make the excuse you don’t have the time to go biking anymore. The thought of having to gear up, prep your bike, load up, drive out and then you finally get to blaze the trails has many discouraged. St. Geroge Utah News has published an article on how this excuse is just that, an excuse.

Make it Easy for Yourself

dad and daughter putting on bicycle helmets

St. George Utah News tells us a few simple tips and tricks to help us get back on the trails to enjoy the tension-clearing, body-working, endorphin-inducing experience again. Changing into your biking gear is just like changing out from your work clothes to your home clothes. We all know how to change our clothes, and it’s a fairly quick process. Make it easier for yourself and always keep your gear together in one place. After you ride, if anything needs to be cleaned, do so immediately and place it back with the rest of your gear. This makes for quicker change time and you don’t have to run around the house looking for every last piece of gear.

Keeping all your biking accessories and biking needs in one place will also save you the time and headache of having to search and scramble. Store your cycling clothes alongside your biking gear. Things such as your floor-pump to quickly fill your tires and lube for your chain are commonly needed before a ride. Also, remember to regularly service your bike so these minor maintenances are easier and needed less often.

Bicycles Unlimited Biking Services

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Your bicycle is a mode of transportation and just like any form of transportation, it needs maintenance and servicing. Regular maintenance ensures your bike is kept in tip-top shape and remains safe to ride. You wouldn’t want your bike to malfunction during the middle of a cruise potentially injuring yourself. Depending on how often you ride your bicycle will determine how often you need to have it serviced. If you ride frequently it’s best for you to do at least a home cleaning at least once a month. This at home cleaning just involves a general rinse down of the bike and then the use of degreaser. You will then need to also reapply lubricants. A basic tune-up is desirable about every two to three months. It is then also recommended to do a major tune-up at the beginning of the riding season and also at the end of the season. 

At Bicycles Unlimited, we offer two tune-up packages that will get your bike in riding order in no time. Our basic tune-up checks your bike for safe operation and for any needed adjustments. These adjustment checks include the shifting system, brake adjustment, cables and housings, wheels, brackets, and bearings. Full suspension bikes will also have their bolts and fasteners checked and torqued to your specific bicycle’s manufacturer specifications. With our major tune-up option, it includes everything from the basic tune-up and more. A full deep clean will be performed including cleaning of the chain, rear cassette, and crankset. We will also use a degreaser and apply lubricants. Our service technicians strive to give you the best service possible and to make your bike look and feel as new as possible. Not to mention, we have a 30-day warranty on all of our services!

Find the Spot to Ride

St. George Utah News also points out to us that yes, many of us have to drive over an hour to hit the trails. However, for those that live in Washington County, Utah, there are many trails that are just a quick 15-minute drive away. They recommend picking up a trail map from your local bike shop, such as Bicycles Unlimited, to check out the great trails that are close to you. You can also consult with the experienced team at Bicycles Unlimited and they would be more than happy to help guide you to local trails that are easy to access but also within your cycling level. St. George Utah News lists a few trail rides for you to check out based off of where you live such as:

  • Santa Clara or Ivins: Check out the Cove Wash trail system that features the Barrell Roll and Rim Runner.
  • Bloomington: Navajo Drive leads to the Bear Claw Poppy area.
  • Little Valley or Washing Fields: Desert Canyons trails
  • Coral Canyon: Church Rocks
  • Hurricane: J.E.M.

They then go on to suggest not even driving anywhere! That’s right, just gear up and ride around in your driveway or neighborhood. During this time you can practice and build up your endurance for when you really hit the trails. Try practicing tight turns and track stands and other tricks that will help you when you are out on the trails. Another suggestion is to use the city as your trail. Riding around town will still give you the chance to pedal around and obtain the benefits of the ride. You can even hit two birds with one stone by using your bicycle as your main means of transportation. Not only are you saving money and getting some exercise while you get to where you need, but you also get to sneak in some cycling time as well. 

What Bicycles Unlimited Has for You

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Along with our bike tune-up services, we have a fully stocked store for you to check out. We have all your biking accessories, cycling clothes and gear you could possibly need. While you are in don’t forget to look at all our bicycles we have in stock. We have BMX bikes for those extreme off-roading stunts and trails, while our road bikes will get you in first place at your local race for sure. Our city/hybrid bicycles are great for those looking for a good commuter or cruise around town. If you are looking for more of a rough terrain trail with beautiful sights, you need to try mountain biking. Our mountain bicycles are top-notch quality. For a new kind of experience, you really need to take a look at our e-bicycles. These bicycles are integrated with a motor that will have you cruising upwards of 30 miles per hour! The motor is easily charged using any household outlet. If you aren’t sure what type of bicycle you would like or need, come into Bicycles Unlimited and our experienced staff will guide you.

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