Bluff Street Cliffs

The new name for the Bluff Street Cliffs trail is Owen’s Trail.

The 3 mile loop ride features some very nice rock formations and offers riders an expert level workout with its challenging terrain that will make you feel like either King Or Queen of all Bike Lovers!

The technical skills needed to ride this trail will challenge even the most seasoned mountain biker. There’s a lot of rough rock and steep hills that you’ll have carry your bike up at least once, but it is well within reach if expert riders only want an intense workout! 

This challenging trail offers spectacular views and rock scrambling. It’s not often that you’ll see another bike rider on this route, as its difficulty level makes it one of the more exclusive areas in town for mountain bikers to explore without interruption.

Ride your ride through some breathtaking scenery while enjoying an outdoor activity all at once!

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