Suicidal Tendencies

This trail begins at the top of the Sidewinder trail with an immediate drop down a steep slope containing plenty of exposed switchbacks.

Once you’ve made your way down the edge of Sidewinder, this ride will take you across the valley floor to an ascension leading up to the next mesa – this part is roughly as technical as the ride down.

At the top, after you’ve passed Hangover – a large rock hanging over the trail – you’ll reach another technical area nicknamed “Thread the Needle” (so-named because you need to thread your way between rocks laying on each trail side. 

After that, you will have reached the top. From there, it’s pretty smooth sailing as you reach the beautiful views of the Beaver Dam Mountains to your west. 

As you continue, you’ll make another descent through Juniper trees and some slickrock sections here and there – this will complete a loop back to the top of Thread the Needle, where you’ll begin riding the first part of the trail in reverse.

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