Zen Trail

The trail has it all, from flowy mountain biking to tricky technical sections. You name your adventure and this spot will be sure not disappoint!

Head up W Canyon View Dr. on the west side of St George until it ends and becomes BLM land, where you’ll drop down from a steep mesa into an arid landscape filled with trails going off in every direction as if raining from heaven!

As you look up from this point, a large gap appears in the land. If one continues to follow along its north side and gains elevation through fire roads until they reach 1/4 mile mark where it turns into trail.

The views are stunning as you make your way up the mesa, and there’s not too much climbing or descending once we got past those first few short sections.

It’s mostly downhill from here on out with just a few short sections that might require some climbing skills for those who aren’t used to altitude.

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