What Are E-Bikes & How Do They Work?

What Is An E-Bike?

An e-bike, or electric bicycle, stands apart from motorcycles due to its distinct appearance. Unlike motorcycles, e-bikes are essentially regular bicycles upgraded with seamlessly integrated electrical components such as a battery, controller, and motor.

How Do E-Bikes Work?

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At Bicycles Unlimited, our St. George E-Bikes operate like regular bicycles, utilizing similar components. The electric feature boosts human power, unlike motorcycles. This aids individuals avoiding uphill climbs, headwinds, and obstacles, allowing easier, faster travels.

E-Bike Components:

E-Bike motors vary from 200W to over 1000W, where higher ratings ease weight pulling.
Motor design and location affect St. George E-Bike performance, typically integrated into front or rear wheels.

Choosing the right battery influences range, style, and weight, crucial for powering the motor.

The controller, located on the handlebar, operates the electric aspect. It offers pedal-activated or throttle-based control for convenience.

Do E-Bikes In St. George Require A License?

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Many still find this bicycle innovation confusing regarding license requirements. According to federal law, electric bikes are considered regular bikes if they reach speeds up to 20 mph and have a motor under 750W. St. George E-Bikes at Bicycles Unlimited fulfill these criteria, eliminating the need for licenses, registrations, or special insurance. Moreover, Utah doesn’t demand licenses or registrations. Reach out to our St. George UT bike shop for electric bicycle assistance.

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