5 Things You Didn’t Know About Cycling

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1 – Cycling is a Great Exercise for People With Lower Back Pain

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There is a reason that cycling is often the favored exercise for people who suffer from low back pain; it puts less stress on the spine than other forms of exercise. 

Riding a bike in a forward-leaning position (with the weight of your upper body put down on the handlebars) is the ideal exercise situation for people with certain lower back conditions like lumbar spinal stenosis

For others, especially those suffering from degenerative disc disease, a reclining position is more comfortable and puts the least amount of stress on the spine. Recumbent bikes are ideal for these people.

If you suffer from lower back pain, we can find the perfect bike for you at our St. George bike shop.

2 – Cycling Can Build Your Abs

Cardio workouts like cycling actually work out a lot of different muscle groups. You might be surprised to learn that the abdominal muscles get a good workout from cycling, but it’s true.

Your core is what keeps you balanced on your bike, so whether it’s pushing, pulling, standing, climbing, or descending, your abs are working to keep you from falling over. 

3 – Cycling Can Help Sciatica

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The sciatic nerve branches from the lower back, through the buttocks and hips, and down the legs. Sciatica is pain traveling along the sciatic nerve. It usually affects only one side of the body.

Those with sciatica know how painful and debilitating it can be, but there’s good news. When it comes to exercises for managing sciatica pain, exercises that strengthen the core muscles are most commonly prescribed. The reason for this is that these exercises stabilize the spine, taking pressure off the sciatic nerve. 

If you’re suffering from sciatica, a trip to our St. George bike shop is just one factor that can help reduce your pain in the long-run.

4 – The Netherlands Has the Largest Number of Cyclers on Earth

Amsterdam alone has more than 500 km of bike lanes. What’s more, around half of all commuting in the Netherlands is done on a bike.

Before children in Amsterdam can walk, they often find themselves traveling in bicycle attachments while a parent works the bike. They typically learn to ride bicycles early on in life, as schools teach compulsory classes in cycling proficiency. 

5 – The First Bicycle Was Made Almost Entirely of Wood

That’s right. Despite the fact that it was relatively inefficient, it still sold several thousand copies (after all, no one knew there could be a better alternative to wood at the time). 

That said, it soon dropped in popularity due to the number of accidents that occurred during this first inception, so much so that it was eventually banned by the police.

You won’t find any wooden bikes at our St. George bike shop. Instead, you’ll find plenty of high-quality bicycles that are ideal for our local cycling trails.

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