Warm Weather Calls for Spring “Cleaning”

As the weather warms up people are drawn to cleaning, but not like how you would normally think. “Cleaning” is a term used in mountain biking that means a rider was able to clear an obstacle, or tough trail spot, without having to stop, use their foot for support or get off and walk the bike through. When a biker uses their foot to touch down for support this is called a “dab”. These terms

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Mark McLaughlin

Ultimate Mountain Biking Terms Guide | Bicycles Unlimited

Unveiling Mountain Biking Terms: A Guide to Riding Jargon   Welcome to Bicycles Unlimited’s ultimate guide to mountain biking terms! Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a newbie gearing up for your first adventure on the trails, understanding these terms will enhance your mountain biking experience. The Basics: Mountain Biking Lingo Explained Let’s start with the essentials. When you’re diving into the world of mountain biking, it’s crucial to grasp the language used by fellow

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A Love Letter to Mountain Biking

As a true bicycle enthusiast, you create many memories and go on some great adventures while riding your bicycle. Miles and hours spent alone or with friends while exploring your corner of the world make for a great and memorable time. Some rides may push you past exhaustion, while others are more of a sight seeing cruise. When you love to ride your bicycle, you’ll brave any weather condition to log that cruise in. When

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Your Bike Shop in St. George

Biking is not only a great hobby to have but an amazing way to exercise. There are so many different levels of biking anyone in the family can participate. It’s also a great excuse to get up and get outdoors. If you get really serious about cycling, you could ride competitively. With the many benefits of taking up biking, you would be a crazy not to. Look no further than your local bike shop in

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